Please see the regulations for Pink Events below.

Membership requirements

All gymnasts must hold a minimum of bronze membership with British Gymnastics.

Coaches must be full, joint or life members of British Gymnastics and qualified to an appropriate level to cover the skills performed by their gymnasts

Entry Fees / Late Entries

The entry fee for all individual events are £25 per gymnast

Late entries may be accepted subject to the competition organisers discretion. There may be an additional charge incurred.

Withdrawal from competition

Wherever possible, the competition organiser must be notified of any withdrawals at least one week prior to the event to allow programming changes to be made.

In the event of a withdrawal no refund will be issued.


All coaches must hold gold British Gymnastics membership.

All coaches must be sufficiently qualified to cover the skills the gymnasts are competing at a particular level.


All judges must hold British Gymnastics membership.

All judges must hold a women's artistic club judging certificate or above or a floor & vault judging qualification.

Dress code

Jewellery must not be worn during competitions.

Shorts can be worn as per British Gymnastics guidelines.


All music must be sent via email in advance of each competition.

Where possible, music for gymnasts competing in level 7­ to 5 must not exceed 60 seconds. For gymnasts competing in level
4­ to 1 music must not exceed 90 seconds.


For all competitions, the competitors will receive a participation gift.

Medals will be awarded to gymnasts placed 1st to 3rd on each apparatus as well as overall. Ribbons for all gymnasts placed 4th to 6th will also be issued on each apparatus and overall.

Trophies will be awarded to overall winners within each age group across all levels.